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Early detection of ADHD is the first step to ensure a timely diagnosis, increase the chances of successful treatment, and reduce the appearance of other comorbidities. Keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Columbus, to learn how to detect ADHD in the school environment.

School Is the Main Agent in the Detection of ADHD

So, it is usually the scenario that gives the first alert notice. Children spend many hours at school, and this means that teachers or educators are in a privileged position to observe the behavior of the students, as well as to be able to compare the behavior and cognitive functioning of children of the same age and notify their parents if something is out of place.

ADHD in the School Environment

The fact that a teacher has already had a student with ADHD facilitates the detection of new cases since they are more familiar with the symptoms and the behavior alteration that it entails. The behaviors derived from ADHD are found in all children. The difference lies in the intensity and frequency with which they occur. Therefore, before sounding the alarm, it's advisable to consult the educational psychologist or school counselor to rule out other behavioral or psychological disorders.

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