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Empathy First

How can you stimulate the child before this internalization or closure? Or how can you get to play with your child if they have been diagnosed with autism? Before these questions, the word empathy appears: putting yourself in the place of the other and personalizing the interaction with the child with ASD.

Why Is It Important to Communicate with the Child Orally?

That's where multisensory stimulation comes in, using all the sensory channels to reach them. For autistic children, engaging in play and playful activities is how this is put into practice.

Does Your Child Like to Draw?

Communicate with them by drawing and when you get their attention, verbalize what you draw. This is an ideal game to improve communication with your children gradually.

Does Your Child Enjoy Construction Games?

Do them next to them but without invading their space. In this way, you will be capturing their attention and, at the same time, stimulating their mind. If, instead of constructions, your child likes other similar types of games, bet on them and use them to their advantage.

Regarding Acoustic Hypersensitivity

Avoid places with large crowds as they will make them feel uncomfortable. If it's an unavoidable appointment, the anticipation will help them feel safer.

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