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School assignments are much easier to keep track of when a child stays organized. If your child struggles to keep their projects in order, use these tips by The Tutoring Center, Columbus, to help them stay organized.

Set a Few Achievable Goals

By setting short-term and long-term goals, your child will have an easier time focusing on tangible things they want to accomplish. Setting a goal shouldn't end at deciding what they want to accomplish. Your child should also establish a plan to help them achieve their goal. Help your child set some short-term and long-term objectives that are reasonable and measurable so that they can stay focused and organized.

Focus on Decluttering

Physical clutter is not good because it makes keeping things in order more difficult. It also keeps the mind cluttered. Please help your child remove the clutter from their life by setting a day for decluttering and tidying every week. This can be on a weekend when they have more free time. Have them clean out their backpack, folders, binders, and work area. They can throw away any papers they no longer need, and any other important documents floating around should be put in their proper space.

Teach Them to Use Organization Tools

Organization tools are extremely helpful for anyone who has a lot going on. Most students have to keep track of multiple assignments, exam dates, projects, deadlines, and extracurricular activities and jobs. Please help your child keep it all in order with a calendar and a day planner. This can help them keep track of important upcoming dates so that they're prepared for everything. They can also use sticky notes, colored pens, highlighters, and other supplies to keep their notes and assignments in order and color-coded.

If your child has trouble staying organized, tutoring can help! The Tutoring Center, Columbus, offers multiple academic programs focused on everything from math to study skills. To learn more, call them at (614) 459-0091 and book a free session for tutoring in Columbus.


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