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Prioritizing responsibility for obedience is essential so that children can make decisions for themselves and grow up to become independent adults. For instance, if there's authoritarianism in the house, parents give the orders, and the children obey, the only thing they're achieving is eliminating their freedom of decision while raising them in submission. This, of course, takes a toll on their self-esteem and harms their bond with their parents. Thus, if parents proceed to educate their children, focusing on responsibility, they will be giving them tools to be autonomous, coherent, and analytical.

The Power of Making Decisions

Allow your son or daughter to make small decisions every day. Making decisions is an ability that parents must instill at a young age. The more you practice making decisions they get, the better they decide each time they have to do it.

Finding Their Place in the Family through Responsibility

It's imperative and necessary to help the child understand the role of each member of the family within the family structure, and parents, as primary references, must give an excellent example of this. Within the household, each one will have an assigned task that was previously agreed upon; you will also explain how important it is for each one to carry out their duty when it corresponds to them.

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