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So, you've decided to enroll your child in tutoring, but how do you know their tutoring sessions will be effective? To start, you need to work with tutors committed to helping your child grow academically. To find the right tutor for your child, use these tips.

Assess the Situation

Your child's tutor shouldn't start their sessions without first presenting them with an assessment. This will help the tutor understand where your child stands, what lessons they've already mastered, and what tasks need more work. Without an evaluation, time may be wasted going over lessons your child has no trouble with.

Be Able to Teach

Your child's tutor should have some teaching abilities. Many people think that having experience with a subject is enough to pass that knowledge on. Unfortunately, that's far from the truth. Your child's tutor may not need to know the subject well, but they should also teach lessons effectively. They should use language your child can understand and work with their learning style. Your child's tutor should also know when things aren't working and formulate a new plan.

Patience Is Key

Students who go to tutoring often do so because they're having trouble with their lessons. Because of this, your child's tutor must be patient and able to stay calm. Showing their frustrations when their tasks aren't getting through to your child can cause your child to feel bad and may make them more reluctant to go to tutoring.

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