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Signs that Point to Burnout

Burnout is not that uncommon in students, so it's important to know what signs to look out for. To help you detect burnout in your student, use these tips.

Constant Fatigue

Students will often be tired because they have so much on their plate. Beyond just academic commitments, most students also participate in extracurricular activities, lead a social life, and some even have an after-school job. With all of this going on, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. It's no surprise then that they may be exhausted all the time. If your child is fatigued no matter how much they sleep or if they can't fall asleep because of how stressed they feel, they may need some help. Talk to your child and help them manage their stress.

Losing Interest in Activities

Students who are suffering from burnout will often lose interest in all the activities they used to enjoy. They may no longer care to go out and see friends and their academics may suffer. Even students who used to strive to get great grades may be ignoring deadlines and assignments. Your child may even act out and avoid talking about things. Do your best to talk to them and let them know you're there to help.

Physical Symptoms

Burnout won't just show up as stress; it can also lead to physical changes and symptoms. The stress eating away at your child can result in constant headaches, stomach issues, and body aches. If your child is getting sick more often or is unable to sleep, talk to them so you can help them move past this.

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