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If your child has a hard time getting started on important projects or homework assignments, follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Columbus, to help them avoid procrastinating.

Break Down Large Assignments

One common reason why many students tend to procrastinate and leave assignments to the last minute is that they feel intimidated by the work they have to do. If your child has been assigned an extensive report, the amount of work they have to produce may seem impossible. Help your child out by dividing this large assignment into smaller, more manageable portions. A report can easily be divided into several topics, and a long homework assignment can be divided by pages or by questions answered. Set breaks between each portion to help your child recharge and continue moving forward.

Measure Your Progress

Once your child completes small portions of their larger projects, they will see some improvement. To make this progress easier to see, create a to-do list made up of each section that needs to be done. As they finish tasks, cross them off the list. Doing so will show your child that their work is helping them get closer to being finished.

Set a Rewards System

If your child has a hard time staying motivated as they work, set a rewards system that will keep them going. For instance, you could start using a to-do list, setting a reward for each time they cross one item of the list or even every two items. Rewards don't have to be complicated; they can be as simple as taking a 15-minute break or having a treat. The prizes will depend on what your child likes and what will keep them motivated.

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