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Help Your Child Get Ready for Exams

If your child is getting stressed out thinking about the exams they have coming up, help them get rid of this stress by being prepared. The following tips can help parents get involved in their child's test preparation.

Implement a Study Routine

Many students...

Help Your Child Fight the Midyear Slump

Now that the first couple of months of the school year are over, it's very likely that your child has lost some of their motivation. The early days of the school year can be exciting because everything is new, but as soon as this wears off it can be hard...

Simple Tips for Improved Study Skills

If your child has a hard time sitting down to study or if they study a fair amount but just can't seem to get the grades they're after, they can definitely benefit from improving their study skills. Check out the tips below to help them improve their study...

Teach Your Child Math Skills at a Young Age

The majority of students enter kindergarten with a strong set of academic skills that make learning easier. One set of skills your child should work on before even starting is their math skills. Below is some information on why this is important and...

Reading Struggles to Look out For

Reading skills are something all students should constantly be working on improving because reading is necessary in just about all aspects of life. If you notice your child is struggling with reading, there are tons of resources that can help. The first step is...

Tips to Simplify Homework Time

The amount of homework students must complete can sometimes feel overwhelming, so it's no surprise students are less than excited to do it. Once your child gets started, it may not be so bad. To make homework time easier for them, check out these tips.



Help Your Child Prepare for a New School Year

Getting ready for the new school year usually means buying new school clothes and stocking up on school supplies, but there's much more to it than that. To help your child be fully prepared, use the following tips.

Follow a Bedtime Routine


Get to Know the Summer Slide

If you've heard the term summer slide but aren't quite sure what it means, you're not alone. This post can give you a basic introduction to the summer slide so you can prevent it from affecting your child. Keep reading to learn all about it.

What Is the Summer Slide?


How to Get Your Child Reading Over the Summer

Getting your child to read over the summer may feel impossible, but it really isn't. If you have the proper tools and a good strategy, getting your child to read can be quite easy. To help you encourage summer reading at home, use the following tips.



Educational Summer Activities for Students

Now that you're a couple weeks into summer break, you may start to notice that your child is quite bored at home. Even video games and sleeping can get boring after a while. To help your child combat this summer boredom and make the most of their break,...


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